Wannabe Hippy

  • Who am I

    “I am just a regular person, who is a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend”

  • What do I do

    “I post regular blogs about health, real food, organic gardening and other alternative inspiration”

  • Recipes

    I love to cook with ‘real’ food across an eclectic range of food genres, such as: gluten and dairy free, vegetarian, paleo / GAPS, no preservatives and wholefoods.
  • Shop

    “Ethical, natural health, beauty and environmentally conscious products coming soon”

Everyone has a different perspective on the term ‘hippy’. So what type of hippy am I? Well, I’m not the Technohead song “I wanna be a hippy, and I wanna get stoned” type of hippy. Sometimes, I can be the peace, love and mung beans type hippy, but mostly I am just an average person looking for a more peaceful, sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I guess I am seeking ‘a little bit of simple’ amongst the craziness that is sometimes part of our lives.

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